Clothes for men is one of the most important products for us because of the heavy lifestyle for them‎,‎and this does not prevent them from having an amazing look‎.‎ Our fashion designers work on the best designs that give men an amazing look with the latest trends‎,‎ plus our production team works on the finest garment to give the items a comfortable touch to the item‎.‎ Our collection contains a large number of items‎;‎ Jeans ‎- T‎-Shirts ‎- Shirts ‎- Vest ‎- Jackets ‎- Pullover ‎- Polo ‎- Shorts – SweatShirt‎.‎
Textured Belt - Brown
Textured Belt - Brown
Textured Belt - Brown

  • Cotton/Polyester material
  • Length ‎:‎ S = 105 cm‎,‎ M = 110 cm‎,‎ L = 115 cm‎,‎ XL = 120 cm‎,‎ XXL = 125 cm‎,‎ XXXL = 130 cm
  • Buckle closure

السعر :جنيه 45

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